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Few team leaders receive the level of training they need or want. This is especially true when it comes to the most important part of their role – inspiring trust that leads their team to peak performance.

So, in combination with TrustMetryx, you get a behavioral science-based course on remote team leadership, recommendations on handling team relationship issues, and frequently updated coaching tips.

Brainware Academy + TrustMetryx gives you the ultimate leadership hack.

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Co-founder & CEO

Jeb Hurley

Dr. Jeb S. Hurley is the co-founder and CEO of Xmetryx. Jeb’s passion is helping team leaders, especially new leaders, build exceptional teams on a foundation of trust. His expertise is applying behavioral science to leadership practices that lead to behaviors that enable everyone on a team to do their best and be their best. Jeb’s career journey began on new product innovation teams in Europe and Asia, leading to GM / VP and CEO roles at companies ranging from Fortune 100 to VC backed startups. He has also co-founded three software companies. Jeb holds a Doctorate in Business Administration in Organizational Leadership with a research focus on human motivation and team effectiveness, along with MBA and BSBA degrees. He has also completed leadership programs at the Center for Creative Leadership, Harvard Business School, and The Aspen Institute and is the author of Team Relationship Management (2019) and The One Habit (2017), along with over 70 articles on team leadership.


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Mindy Honcoop

CHRO, TCP Software

As I am listening through this series I am thinking that all leaders and especially new to leadership roles should listen to this. Not just those with remote teams, anyone leading people no matter where they are at!

Steve Bivens,

Senior Analyst, Customer Engagement

Behavioral science and software are both passions of mine, and this was an absolutely fantastic webinar and course about the importance – really the necessity – of trust in any team and company. Thank you, Dr. Jeb Hurley and Xmetryx for an incredible and eye-opening webinar!

Thomas Chew

MEMS FAB Engineering Manager at HP Inc Supplies Operation

Powerful content that is easy to understand.

Jamie Neo

Director of Engineering at HP Inc

Clear delivery of the concepts and powerful tools.

Brainware + TrustMetryx

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