Your TrustMetryx Resource Library

There are a lot of ways to think about leadership. This resource library contains short video coaching tips, pdf downloads, articles, and audio blogs. With new content added regularly, this library is designed to help you navigate the day-to-day challenges you'll face as a leader

Combining insights from his research with teams from around the world, and decades of experience leading remote teams, Dr. Hurley gives you small actions you can take immediately that lead to big results — greater inclusion, higher engagement, and improved performance on your teams.

This library is included with your TrustMetryx subscription.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to the TrustMetryx Resource Library

  • 2

    Coaching Tips

    • Getting Your Team Started with TrustMetryx

    • Using Experience Maps

    • Improving Participation and Feedback

    • Intro to Nudges @ Work

  • 3

    Guides & Exercises

    • Using TrustMetryx: the 3 Steps

    • Team Purpose Exercise

    • Team Values Exercise

    • Motivational Triangle™ Exercise

    • How to Manage Existing Surveys

    • How to Track Responses Over Time

    • How to Resend Invitation Emails

    • How to Use the Nudge Workspace

    • Nudges @ Work

  • 4

    Recent Articles

    • Brain Science is Turning Feedback Inside Out

    • Building Trust on Remote Teams

    • Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations: Leaning Out to Create Authentic Connections

    • How to Build a Team that (Actually) Embraces Inclusiveness

    • The Power and Purpose of Learning to Lead with Trust

    • The ROI of Trust

    • Leading with Trust White Paper